Side hustle portfolio group 17 blog

Side hustle portfolio group 17 blog

Our First Project

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Ola-Gbadamosi Taiwo
·Jun 13, 2022·

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One week ago, we were grouped into portfolios by the side hustle team, This is after 6 weeks on intensive lectures in the data analytics track of the side hustle internship. As a team, we are expected to work on a project weekly and this is our FIRST. the task was to find a dataset from a Nigerian brand to be analyzed. Our proactive team filled with Budding Data analysts set to work and This blogpost would be telling our Story.........

SALES ANALYSIS OF INTERNATIONAL BREWERIES DATA FOR FIVE SELECTED AFRICAN COUNTRIES The aim of this project is to practice what we’ve learnt during the internship in regards to data scrapping, data cleaning and data visualization. And so, we were asked to source and scrap sales data of a product consumed by Nigerians from the internet and work with the said data.

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Data scrapping is simply a means through which we use computer program to extract data from a website. This was rather the most challenging part for us because we were given specific type of data to source for this project (sales data for product consumed by Nigerians). We eventually got the international breweries data for some African countries containing their sales for a period of 3 years 1017, 2018, and 2019.


DATA CLEANING We cleaned our data using power bi to check for empty cells, duplicate entries and make sure that it is well aligned and in the correct order. We achieved this using the Transform data option of the power bi where we discovered that our data set is clean and in order. Thus we didn’t encounter any challenge with this data set as regard cleaning.

Data visualization is the representation of our findings in a graphical form for easy understanding. Before embark on this we came up with possible questions that we need to build up our visuals. These questions include but not limited to; • Country with highest profit in 2018 • Country with highest profit by a particular brand • Top five sales reps in the year 2019 • Top five sale reps for a particular brand in north central • Which regions has the highest profit for Budweiser in 2017 • Which product sales more in the Northwest region • Who is the top sale rep for the whole region? • Which brand generated highest profit for the company • Which year did the company make highest sales • Top region with the highest profit over the cause of these 3 years These among many other questions helped us to come up with our visualizations and consequently our final conclusions that:

results 1.jpg

result 2.jpg




  1. Jones is the company’s top sell rep within the period of the 3 years considered across all zones.
  2. Castle lite yielded the highest profit for the company through these 3 years
  3. Senegal comes tops as country with the highest profit in 2018
  4. Beta malt gain highest sales in the northcentral region
  5. In general, the company realized total profit of $105587420 within these 3 years.

This are the results of our data Analysis, All Visualizations were done using microsoft excelnand PowerBI

Thank you for Reading.

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