Side hustle portfolio group 17 blog

Side hustle portfolio group 17 blog

The last but not the least......

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Ola-Gbadamosi Taiwo
·Jul 17, 2022·

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Hi Everyone, Its been a long ride, from the 6 weeks internship to the boot camp where we worked with the most amazing team members. I and my group members are particularly grateful to Mr Garfield and the other members of the Side hustle team, For an absolutely free training, Ya'll did the most for us and we genuinely appreciate all you did for us. The Group 17 has been a big support system and I hope we continue the good vibes after the boot camp. This is our 6th and last project and we hope you enjoy it.


Life expectancy at birth indicates the number of years a newborn infant would live if prevailing patterns of mortality at the time of its birth were to stay the same throughout its life. life can be referred to as the number of years of life, from birth, a person is expected to live. Australia is chosen because it is among the countries that enjoys one of the highest life expectancies in the world. The average life of expectancy within year 2000 – 2015 is calculated to be 81.81 with the total expenditure to be 140.55, GDP OF 554.20K and average growth rate of 0.25% over the total population of 4.59M. The effect ratio of adult mortality on life expectancy is 43.5%, effect of Average Body mass index (BMI) to average life expectancy is around 80 to 85. Alcohol has 11% effect on life expectancy. Schooling has almost 20% on life expectancy.

Immunization coverage on life expectancy for hepatitis B is 1500k and measles is 44%. Our analysis shows that year 2004, 2000,2011, and 2014 has the highest expectancy rate, adult mortality, highest percentage expenditure and highest measles respectively in Australia.

Analysis of life expectancy rate of other countries from year 2000-2015


Densely populated countries have a higher average life expectancy than sparse populated countries because of higher standards of living, effective health systems, and other resources invested in determinants of health (e.g., sanitation, housing, education). Vaccinations have also helped to eliminate conditions that results in certain death and increased health conditions among children and adults, and this has helped to increase life expectancy.

If life expectancy is higher, population sizes will increase as more infants are born, whereas if mortality rate is higher, population sizes will decrease as more infants die. high consumption of alcohol can be associated with accidents, disease burden and social problems, therefore people who consume more is expected to have short life expectancy.
Our Analysis also shows that people with less education died compared with people with higher education.

Thank you for reading through and watch out for our next blog post because even if the bootcamp ends, group 17 continues......

Cheers To the Amazing team (Zee, Ola, Knight, Amina, Precious, Favor, Sharon, Abby and Babynurse). See y'all soon

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